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Aitek Miner Plus


LoRa Antenna


Power Adaptor


Mounting Bracket (attached to the Miner Plus)


Mounting Screw



Connecting the Antenna/Power


To prevent any damage to your Aitek Hotspot, you must connect the antenna prior to providing power. Failure to do so will void your warranty. Failure to use the provided antennas can result in being out of compliance with FCC regulations.

You can refer to the image shown below:





Frequently Asked Questions:



#How long does it take to sync to the blockchain?


Syncing to the blockchain should be achievable within hours vs other makers who take up to 48 hours to sync to the blockchain.


#Can I use my own LoRaWAN Antenna?

Yes. Aitek Miners are FCC certified using a 4 dBi antenna. Using an antenna that is not specified by Aitek could put the user out of compliance with FCC regulations and void the Affinity warranty.


#Can I put this outside?

No, the Aitek Miner Plus is an Indoor only Hotspot. Putting the Aitek hotspot outside will void the warranty.


#I opened the enclosure of my Aitek miner and now it doesn't work. What can I do?

If you opened up the enclosure, you have voided your warranty. For assistance, please contact us at support@aiteks.com.


#Can I use the Helium App?

The Helium app is used to link your Helium Wallet to the Aitek App by Aitek app. All Aitek Hotspot mananagement is done through the Aitek App.



1.What is Aiteks hotspot?
The Aiteks hostpot is a brand of Helium hotspot that makes up the Helium network. The hotspot is a device that functions as network miners and wireless access points. The hotspot provides long-range connectivity to internet of Things (IoT) devices. Eventually hotspot will provide the connection to anything that connects to the internet via a decentralized wireless network.

2.Why do I need Aiteks hotspot?
The owner of Aiteks hotspot will receive passive income in form of HNT token when your hotspot provides service or participates in PoC (Proof of Coverage).

3.How do Aiteks hotspot earn HNT?
The Aiteks hotspot will earn HNT as rewards in the following two ways.
1) Hotspot participants in Proof of Coverage.
2) The hotspot delivers the data from other devices using the Helium network.

4.How much HNT can Aiteks hotspot earn?
The owner of Aiteks hotspot receives HNT as reward based on how frequently the hotspot participates in Proof of Coverage and how much data is transferred.

5.How many hotspots do I need?
In general, you only need one Aiteks hotspot. Your hotspot will communicate with other hotspots around you in the process called Proof of Coverage. If you are in a rural area or you are the only Hotspot in your area, It is best to have at least one or two other hotspots within radio range so that your hotspot can participate in Proof of Coverage to earn more HNT.

6.How do I find out how many hotspots in my area?
Go to explorer.helium.com and type in your address. You will see how many hotspots there are in your area.

7.How far can the Aiteks hotspot reach?
The Aiteks hotspot comes with 4 dbi antenna as default antenna. In theory, the 4 dbi antenna can reach as far as 300 meters.

8.What is Aiteks app?
The Aiteks app will be used to onboard the Aiteks hotspot. The Aiteks hotspot will work with a new app called the Helium Wallet to manage the Aiteks hotspot. The Helium Wallet will allow users to manage their HNT and the identities on the Helium Network. The Aiteks App will be used in onboarding the Helium Network. The Aiteks App will be used to manage the Aiteks hotspot and provide the diagnostic information.

9.Do I still need the Helium Wallet app?
Yes, the Helium Wallet App will have hotspot owner’s helium network identity and wallet information. The Helium Wallet App will also be used to sign the transactions for Aiteks App.

10.Where will my HNT be? Does it automatically transfer to the Helium Wallet app and will it be safe?

Once you import your 12 word seed phrase, all your HNT will appear in the Helium Wallet app. Your tokens and Hotspots are safe.


What is Aitek Miner Plus's storage capacity?

Unlike other Helium HNT miners on the market either use 32GB flashes or external SD cards. We use a built-in 64GB eMMC flash for better data security and larger memory storage. Meaning more computing power

More memory means the miner is able to compute more at the same time, as well as longer device life expectancy (up to 10 years), because it allows 3000 write cycles, compared to 500 write cycles allowed by an SD card.

How’s your enhanced 4dbi antenna compare to others?

Enhanced 4dbi antenna provides wider network coverage, meaning better Proof of Coverage result for increased $HNT earnings. All other indoor Helium HNT miners on the market currently come with 2dbi antennas. In contrast, Bobcat Miner 300’s enhanced 4dbi antenna is able to provide 150% wider coverage.


Technical Issues:

How do I activate Helium Miner?

*When setting up any Helium Hotspot Miner there is a $40 activation fee and a $10 fee when setting the hotspot's location. As part of your purchase price, we cover the $40 activation fee and the first location assert fee of $10 (worth $50 in total).
However, every time you move your hotspot to a new location you will need to pay the $10 location assert fee again. The full list of Helium transaction fees can be found in the Helium documentation.

How do I exchange HNT for normal currency or vice versa?

We recommend using Binance.us which allows HNT/USD trades or you can use Binance.com to exchange HNT into Bitcoin and then from Bitcoin into GBP, EUR, or other currencies. However other exchanges are also available.

How are Tokens Earned?

Hotspots earn HNT for building and securing network infrastructure and transferring device data. The amount of HNT distributed to Hotspots depends on the type of “work” they perform based on the value to the network. This validation of network contribution is accomplished by a new work algorithm called Proof-of-Coverage (PoC).
To participate in PoC there must be multiple Hotspots at least 300 meters apart in an area, but still within range of each other (up to many miles depending on the environment). Single Hotspots earn less as they can only issue Challenges over the internet, and can't participate in Proof-of-Coverage. After the first year, distribution amounts adjust.

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