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As laptops with USB Type-C interface become more and more widely used, many people start to worry about the shortage of laptop's interfaces. Such as external monitors, more diverse interfaces, using wired networks, and so on.

Aitek has recently launched several Expansion Series products, with limited time sales promotions! You should take advantage of this time-limited discount to help your friends solve their laptop's interfaces shortages!

cursory looking of Aitek Expansion Series 

  1. Aitek USB C 5-in-1 Mini Hub:

    It is small but fully equipped! You only need to use one usb c interface, then you can get three USB 3.0 interfaces, one 4k 60hz HDMI interface and one PD 100w charging  interface, why not?It's small enough that you can even put it in your pocket!

    Amazon URL:

  2. Aitek USB C 15-in-2 Docking Station

    Large expansion dock with complete interfaces and multiple display output interfaces to meet your multi-scene needs! Comes with a Dual-USB-C line tailored for macbook!

    Amazon URL:

  3. Aitek USB C 13-in-1 Docking Station

    Born for multi-display users! It has three display interfaces (2HDMI+DP1.4). It makes your multi-screen collaborative work no longer a dream!

    Amazon URL:

  4. Aitek USB C 17-in-2 Docking Station

    The flagship of Aitek's Expansion Series! The Aitek's expansion product with the most interfaces at present! The streamlined design makes your desktop more simple and atmospheric!
    Amazon URL:

What are you waiting for? Give the Expansion Series products of Aitek to your friends as a Christmas gift!

You can check the detailed product information in the above Amazon links.

If you ordered the above products, please don't forget to give us your feedback on Amazon!

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