OTA Update

Aitek OTA Update July 4, 2022

We have updated the Aitek Firmware version to
Helium Firmware version updated to 2022.07.14.0_GA

This update would occur automatically, and hotspot owners do not need to do anything. Please be patient, and the update should not take more than a few hours. This update generally optimized the initiation of the device and makes your miner run smoothly in the long term.

Tips from the Helium Engineering Blog

This release contains fixes to packet delivery to make it more reliable when Hotspots fall offline for a brief period of time (it will queue up to 10 device packets it saw) and fixes to let Hotspots send unknown packets if it’s not synced with the blockchain.

Known Issues
Some Hotspot owners may have issues running diagnostic reports over Bluetooth. This is likely due to services that the miner provides, and if chain sync is off, some of those services may not be available to support Bluetooth services, like diagnostic reports.

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